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  1. Icon RCT 5.5

    Icon RCT 5.5

    The Icon RCT 5.5 before the crash where I broke the fork, bent the handlebars, and damaged the front hub. You can see that the rear wheel is almost radially laced, which surprised many people. I say almost because the spokes aren't exactly radial, they are a few degrees off from being radial. This w
  2. Icon RCT 5.5

    Icon RCT 5.5

    This picture of my Icon RCT 5.5 was taken in Asan city, South Korea. The bike is standing on a levee on Asan river. The bike is setup for a long ride (it's a 4 hour round trip from my home) with saddle bag essentials (tools), water bottles, pump and top tube lunch box. That was my first trip with th