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"ing" the fist
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    A couple of weeks ago I was driving to work and running late and got a little aggressive going through a yellow light. The light changed to red either just before or just after I got to the line. Of course when I looked up there was a red light camera sign. How long do I have to wait before I...
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    So I'm looking into redoing my roof, and as I have a south facing roof side that gets unobstructed sun all day and as that side is unobtrusively facing my back yard , I am considering putting up 2.5 KWh worth of panels, mostly because the incentives seem to be there for me here in New Jersey...
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    I just watched Breaking Away and absolutely loved it. Are there any other movies out there like it?
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    I was not consulted, but I was hit up for cash and since he is a peer in my department I figured I better contribute or be thought of as a cheapskate. Why the hell do people in offices buy collective gifts for each other anymore? Suggested "donation" was $20. I had $10 in my wallet so I told...
1-4 of 4 Results