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  1. Riding in Faraya. The peak

    Everyone decided to gather for a shot... this is the group and support team.
  2. Riding in Faraya

    Now watch how quick the descent is... muhahahaa!
  3. Riding in Faraya... The final few feet.

    All of these pictures were taken in Lebanon
  4. Riding in Faraya, Stopped by a Doggie attack

    Some jerk sheep herder let one of his dogs (the size of a lion loose) the thing ended up snapping a spoke on the Raleigh that I had leant to one of the group!
  5. Riding in Faraya Taking in the scenery

    The road flattened out as the peaks sat behind us then it dipped into the valley called the Bekka
  6. Riding in Faraya

    There was still snow even though it was May!
  7. Riding in Faraya.. The last section of the climb

    This ride may be what Mont Ventoux feels like.. A strange ride out in Lebanon with Bedoin sheep herders up at the summit.
  8. Riding in Faraya headed towards the roman ruins

    This road skirts an ancient roman temple before heading up into the ski resorts
  9. The DIRTY Raleigh

    This happened after one of the rides got a little wet Lebanon
  10. Riding in Faraya

    Just at the start of a crazy high climb
  11. Riding near Tabarja

    Headed south along the Mediterranean.
  12. Riding near Trodos

    The group shot near the Salaata cliffs before Chekka
  13. Bike storage

    What better way than to create a conversation piece about the bike... Marvel of modern engineering!
  14. Riding North

    Behind is the Salaata tunnel on a ride that happened Sunday morning. Amazing weather straight up climb to this area... the descent was CRAZY!
  15. Riding in Beirut

    Taken next to the lighthouse on the mediterranean sea just after the July War in Lebanon
  16. Riding down the Costal road

    taken in Lebanon Charity run from Beirut south
1-18 of 18 Results