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    I am still puffy from surgery. Do not like. Hell, I'm fluffy anyway, add this bloatyness and :eek: I have resorted to wearing the pull on workout pants I bought when I was doing my marathon training -- no way I could button my jeans right now.
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    Whenever I open a can of soda or god forbid cheap canned beer I turn the pop-top 90 degrees out of habit. It helps identify my drink. Anybody else?
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    Camping's prediction for the Rapture and the end of the world... now rescheduled for October... tells us that to be a prophet these days, you need three things: 1.) To be a chucklehead with a "vision" 2.) A megaphone 3.) A quasi-religious connection. Then it hit me: 1.) I'm a chucklehead 2.)...
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    That's pretty cool but... I remember it being a bit of a clusterfvck on another forum that had made it anonymous. Is it visible to us and is it anonymous?
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    Where you at, dawg?
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    Can I get a sticky please? We have selected Saturday May 28th as the date for this. Starting point will be one of the 10 best Coffee houses in California, Kean Coffee. Kean's is located at: 13681 Newport Avenue, Suite 14 Tustin, CA 92780 Not to bad on the hills and scenic to say the least...
1-7 of 7 Results