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  1. Apparel and Cycling clothes
    Meet the new Smith Overdrive, sunglasses designed to be worn on - or off -- the bike. Smith makes high performance on-bike sunglasses. Smith makes fashionable off-the-bike shades. And now the Sun Valley, Idaho-based company is offering up a tweener model (not called 650b) that is designed for...
  2. Apparel and Cycling clothes
    Why You Want: You're looking for a pair of stylish, lightweight, distortion-free riding shades that come with an adjustable nosepiece and three lens options: clear, dark, and photochromic ignitor rose, which automatically adjust to varying light levels. Pros: Automatic-tint photochromic lens...
  3. General Cycling Discussion
    Welcome to the RoadBikeReview Holiday Gift Guide! In this economy, money is tight so you will want to be sure that you spend wisely. Our suggestions below are designed to save you time and let you know everything you need to about the different products on the market vying for your hard earned...
1-3 of 3 Results