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pooped a worm
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    I mean, srsly. The B is going to be gone and the H's will be asleep if that film crew doesn't hurry up and get here.
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    The goggles. They do nothink!
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    Hey hey hey, I am the first, EVER, to mention a sybian in the Lounge and I have low re p power???????? OH COME ON PEOPLE< COME ON!!!!!
  4. The Lounge
    Can we please not do them here? Thanks.
  5. The Lounge
    It seems that this revered fellow has difficulity making friends and acquiring rep, so I ask the good people of the Lounge to give this gentleman the honor he deserves for p3wning newbz and knowing more nerdily technical stuf than the sadly passed away Sheldon Brown by festooning him with rep...
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    Cute! This thing's dying for a LOLcatinazation.
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    I am still puffy from surgery. Do not like. Hell, I'm fluffy anyway, add this bloatyness and :eek: I have resorted to wearing the pull on workout pants I bought when I was doing my marathon training -- no way I could button my jeans right now.
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    whilst riding my skateboard yesterday. It got pressed out by a car, and made me a little sad :( I was gonna pick him up and help him across the road until I saw his head squished on the asphalt.
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    When I showed up to the Clownje tonight, I was presented with the following greeting: Hello hammer.six, It appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member...
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    Totally worth it. Joe
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    and net a cool $7 mil in the process :thumbsup: Dear Sir, I am Mrs. Aishat Hosni Mubarak, the wife of the Former President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak. I got your address from my husband's email booklet of world philanthropist willing to assist the oppressed for any kind of help and I felt that...
  12. Pro Cycling - Tour de France
    Okay, it looks like it's officially a race for second. Barring mechanical, illness, suspension, plague of locusts, hot hail, etc. So, Stage 17 is the longest of the Giro. It really amounts to one long false flat with a kicker, a pair of camel humps starting with a long a long gradual ascent...
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    with the new vBulletin version they could have fixed the 4,294,967,295 fault.
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    Whenever I open a can of soda or god forbid cheap canned beer I turn the pop-top 90 degrees out of habit. It helps identify my drink. Anybody else?
  15. Bikes, Frames and Forks
    Hi all, this is my first post. I just received my new lynskey cooper yesterday and have started to build it up. Here are a few pics: I hope to finish the build next week, I still have a few items to purchase and install. So far I'm very pleased with the frame.:) ok, i finally...
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    I ran 471 miles I biked 1154 miles I swam 58 miles Completed my first marathon (3:55:20) Consumed 23 bottles of wine 29 6-packs of beer Trained in 6 states Competed in 11 field trials with my dogs and was part of the two man team that won the National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational...
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    Anyone else using Hybrid view mode on an IPad unable to scrool in the hybrid box? Fix? Len
1-19 of 20 Results