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  1. Components, Wrenching
    Raleigh m40 mid 2000's I broke the left crank arm. In my quest to find a replacement I've become stumped on the issue of the bottom bracket. It's a square tapered deal. Is that fitting universal? I can't seem to find any specific info on the model crankset the bike was originally sold with. Will...
  2. Retro-Classic
    Hello! I'm looking into two vintage bikes and I'd love some input on which would be the better choice. Both are in working condition, and neither seems like anything is rusted/potentially wrong. The 1950s Grand Prix is white and listed at $120 The 1980s Sovereign is red and listed at $180 I...
  3. General Cycling Discussion
    Vails honed his craft as a bike messenger in New York City. On the velodrome at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles history was made. Racing for the United States, Nelson Vails won the silver medal in the sprint to become the first African-American cyclist to win an Olympic medal. And, it...
  4. General Cycling Discussion
    Raleigh's new Stuntman starts with a Reynolds steel frame and incorporates disc brakes, a dropper post, and 50c tires to give it a versatile range of usability. Raleigh is a brand that can sometimes be dismissed by the enthusiast rider since the company had undergone a lot of change over the...
  5. Cyclocross
    Due to product cycle timing and the increasing popularity of the discipline, the Sea Otter Classic has become the de facto trade show of choice for bike makers to unveil their new cyclocross bikes. Here are nine new bikes that caught our eye during the four-day celebration of all things two...
  6. General Cycling Discussion
    The Raleigh Misceo is an early release 2016 model featuring Shimano's new STEPS drive system. Raleigh was on hand at the recent Winter Bike Press Camp event showing their new 2016 Misceo commuter bike featuring the all new Shimano STEPS drive system. This was first shown at Interbike, but the...
  7. Cyclocross
    Raleigh's new 'cross rig complete with thru-axles front and rear. Add Raleigh to the growing list of cyclocross bike makers going the way of the thru-axle. Joining the likes of Giant, Felt, Focus and others, Raleigh has revamped its full carbon RXC Pro Disc model with a 142x12mm-100x15mm...
  8. General Cycling Discussion
    Hello and welcome to Day 3 of RoadBikeReview's daily coverage of the 2014 Sea Otter Classic. During this four-day celebration of all things cycling at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, California, we'll be continually updating this page with photos and beta on all the latest in road bike...
  9. Cyclocross
    Raleigh has released its 2013 SSCXWC Limited Edition steel singlespeed-ish frameset. Editor's Note: This article is from our mud-loving friends at Cyclocross Magazine and originally appeared on Visit them for your daily cyclocross fix. The zany, crazy excuse for a party and a...
  10. Cyclocross
    With the U.S. cyclo-cross season not far off, Raleigh is preparing to help two racers chase their pro-level dreams. The company will provide a single season sponsorship package worth more than $10,000 to the highest placed elite rider with no contract in both the men's and women's divisions at...
  11. Cyclocross
    Admitting fault is not always easy to do, but the folks at Raleigh readily concede that their 2013 cyclocross bike line-up had some issues both in frame design and component spec. Its alloy frames lacked contemporary features such as tapered headtubes and ovalized downtubes, and all the 2013...
  12. General Cycling Discussion
    It was just after Interbike back in 2009 when I stopped by the Raleigh offices just south of Seattle in Kent, Washington. I met with Raleigh's Marketing Manager, Brian Fornes. Brian was excited to show me a new steel road bike they were shipping for model year 2010, the Record Ace. A beautiful...
  13. Riding in Faraya. The peak

    Everyone decided to gather for a shot... this is the group and support team.
  14. Riding in Faraya

    Now watch how quick the descent is... muhahahaa!
  15. Riding in Faraya... The final few feet.

    All of these pictures were taken in Lebanon
  16. Riding in Faraya, Stopped by a Doggie attack

    Some jerk sheep herder let one of his dogs (the size of a lion loose) the thing ended up snapping a spoke on the Raleigh that I had leant to one of the group!
  17. Riding in Faraya Taking in the scenery

    The road flattened out as the peaks sat behind us then it dipped into the valley called the Bekka
  18. Riding in Faraya

    There was still snow even though it was May!
  19. Riding in Faraya.. The last section of the climb

    This ride may be what Mont Ventoux feels like.. A strange ride out in Lebanon with Bedoin sheep herders up at the summit.
1-20 of 39 Results