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  1. General Cycling Discussion
    Each year, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show brings together a unique and talented assortment of frame builders and bike enthusiasts. Each handcrafted piece is a reflection of the builder's skills and imagination. Some builders went above and beyond the rest and were recognized at the...
  2. Cyclocross
    The gravel-racing scene has exploded in the U.S. and this trend was unmistakable at this year's North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Louisville, Kentucky. With many builders stepping away from building standard 'cross bikes, a huge influx of gravel-specific rigs was seen throughout the show...
  3. General Cycling Discussion
    Curtis Inglis shows us his own personal road bike which has a clean line design with all internal cabling and the Calfee battery hidden inside the seat post. It also features an ovalized top tube, double butted OX Platinum tube, Dario Pegoretti fork and a paint job by Russ Pickett of Air Art in...
  4. General Cycling Discussion
    [youtube width="640" height="385"]httpv://
1-4 of 4 Results