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  1. Components, Wrenching
    The new S-Works Evade comes in three color choices, three sizes, and sells for $250. We got you up to speed on the new Specialized S-Works 7 Shoe here. Now it's time to dive into the details of their latest wind cheating road helmet, the new S-Works Evade, which sells for $250 and is available...
  2. Apparel and Cycling clothes
    Why You Want You're looking for a well-ventilated brain protector that passes all the required impact tests, is easy to adjust, comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes, has a narrow profile, and you can stomach the $230 price tag. Pros For better or worse, the first thing most...
  3. Components, Wrenching
    The Scott Vanish Evo helmet has finally landed in the states. The 235 gram helmet features ConeHead™ technology to help disperse the load should the helmet ever be put to use. ConeHead™ technology helps spread the impact of a crash across the entire surface area of the helmet, minimizing the...
1-3 of 3 Results