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  1. General Cycling Discussion
    The Salsa Cutthroat Fork Recall applies to model-year 2020 complete bikes, framesets and aftermarket forks. Salsa Cycles in conjunction with the CPSC has issued a recall of model year 2020 Cutthroat complete bicycles, framesets and aftermarket forks. The fork legs can crack or break, posing a...
  2. General Cycling Discussion
    Salsa Cycles is launching a singlespeed gravel bike designed for rides and races that are often described as Type-II Fun (fun after the fact). The Stormchaser is intended as an all-weather gravel bike that excels in muddy conditions. Salsa Stormchaser Highlights Alloy frame with carbon...
  3. Components, Wrenching
    Gravel, Groad, All road, Adventure are all nouns synonymous with this ever-growing segment of "road bike" that has become one of the most popular trends in cycling as of late. Their ability to shapeshift from weekend gravel race rig to backroad touring rig makes them a great option for a do it...
  4. General Cycling Discussion
    The Salsa Warroad is a new endurance all-road line from the gravel grinding lovers that are part of the QBP empire. The bike features endurance road geometry, interchangeable wheel sizes, and full-fender capability. The focus of the Salsa Warroad line is agility, power, and comfort. The full...
  5. General Cycling Discussion
    Originally released in 2009 for riding the Tour Divide route, the Salsa Fargo has since made countless trips down the Divide, and helped people enjoy any number of mixed surface and off-road pursuits, from bikepacking to fully-loaded touring, from singletrack riding to gravel racing. Now the...
  6. General Cycling Discussion
    The Salsa Journeyman in its natural habitat. What is it Salsa's Journeyman is part of the company's new All-Road platform. These affordable gravel bikes are ready to tackle just about any terrain you can throw at them. The Journeyman starts at $899 and is crafted around an alloy frame with...
  7. General Cycling Discussion
    The peloton heads out for a long day of scenic suffering. Salsa is getting ready for another year of grinding gravel and with that comes a new short film. Take a step inside the world of the Land Run 100 and see why it's more than a gravel race, it's an answer to any cyclist's question about...
  8. General Cycling Discussion
    The Marrakesh from Salsa has some new updates for this year including new colors, new tubeless ready rims, new tires and a low $1599 price tag (click to enlarge). The Marrakesh from Salsa was released last year and quickly grew into a very popular model for the brand. Touted as a bike for...
  9. Gravel Bikes
    The frame is full carbon frame with a vibration reduction system and Firestarter Carbon fork (click to enlarge). Part road bike, part mountain bike, all adventure. That's the initial impression of the new carbon fiber Salsa Cutthroat, a rig billed as the ultimate Tour Divide race machine. This...
  10. Cyclocross
    Color choices include this stealthy black number. Salsa has a special relationship with the gravel race bike genre. The QBP house brand is headquartered in the Midwest where many of these testing gravel races take place, and it's one of the first company's to fully embrace the niche, launching...
  11. Salsa Casseroll

    Ruffy Tuffy awesome checkered tires
  12. Salsa Casseroll

    My second bike, bought the frame, had it built up by a friend in a shop
  13. Salsa Las Cruces

    The last picture has me on the mean streets of Taichung City in central Taiwan. This is probably Taiwan's only cyclocross bike....not bound for a foreign port.
  14. Salsa Las Cruces 2

    Here's a few pics of the SLC I built up in Taiwan. I still need to put some proper cyclocross tires on it, but after a 6 month build I am riding again.
  15. Colnago C35 Ferrari

    here is the top view of my Colnago C35 Ferrari bike...the bike wasnt bought as a unit but built up...the seat however is OEM Originally made by Selle Italia for this C35 Ferrari...Ferrari Engineers insisted on putting vent wings near the nose of the saddle...ugly to some...but it s a perfect ride fo
1-16 of 16 Results