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  1. Cannondale
    I've been scouring ebay for good deals on a carbon seatpost. I want get a lighter seatpost and to enhance the aesthetics of my bike. Is this a good option for purchase?
  2. Giant
    So I've had my Defy Advanced Pro 1 for a couple of months now. Put maybe 600 kms on it so far. Was 5 mins into my ride a week ago, hit a mid-sized bump on a city street, bounced once on my saddle, and then snap! Thought my clamp bolt had broken off but no, the D-Fuse SLR composite carbon...
  3. Components, Wrenching
    The parallelogram design maintains saddle tilt through the post's 20 millimeters of travel. What is it Cane Creek's eeSilk seatpost brings 20 millimeters of tunable, vertical cushion to road or gravel bikes. At 295 grams it is comparable in weight to traditional rigid performance seatposts...
  4. General Cycling Discussion
    The SES 3.4 is the best selling wheel in the ENVE line-up. February has been a busy month for composite component maker ENVE. The Utah-based crafters of all things carbon unveiled a new road wheel, seatpost, and fork. Here's what you need to know starting with the redesigned Smart ENVE System...
  5. Components, Wrenching
    Dropper posts may be a mountain bike thing, but the added control they offer is something all cyclists can benefit from. The dropper post stands along with disc brakes and tubeless tires as one of the most important advancements in mountain biking. The ability to effortlessly drop your saddle...
  6. Components, Wrenching
    The BodyFloat isolation seatpost is designed to increase rider comfort and performance (click to enlarge). Cirrus Cycles is a new company based out of Bellingham, WA and I met their co-founder, Charlie Heggem at the Sea Otter Classic recently and he was showing his brand new product called the...
  7. Components, Wrenching
    Installing the aerobars is relatively straightforward. The Lowdown: Redshift Sports Switch Aero System The Redshift Sports Switch Aero System is designed to make it simple to convert a road bike to triathlon use with easy-to-remove aerobars and a dual-position seatpost that allows the rider to...
1-7 of 7 Results