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  1. General Cycling Discussion
    SKS SpeedRockers offer full coverage for all-day comfort on all roads. What is it? A full coverage fender system that fits tires up to 38mm, fully removable, and no hardware needed - explicitly designed for the off pavement rider and all-weather gravel travelers. Pros: Fit gravel...
  2. Components, Wrenching
    With the addition of a chain breaker, Fix It Stick now offers almost every tool you'd need on a ride. Fix it Sticks Clever Chain Tool Fix It Sticks utilizes two interlocking metal drivers to form a T-handle. At each end of the wrench, there's room for a different bit. To expand the product's...
  3. Components, Wrenching
    Using the longest brackets, total added weight was just under 500 grams (click to enlarge). Lowdown: SKS Raceblade Fenders Colorado isn't exactly the bike fender capital of the world. Our mostly dry climate means unless you're a 5-day-a-week commuter, it's pretty easy to avoid riding in the...
  4. Components, Wrenching
    Welcome to the RoadBikeReview Holiday Gift Guide! In this economy, money is tight so you will want to be sure that you spend wisely. Our suggestions below are designed to save you time and let you know everything you need to about the different products on the market vying for your hard earned...
  5. Spesh bar tape and computer mount

    Here's a detail photo of my Specialized Allez's handelbar showing it's Fizik bar tape and it's Garmin computer mount.
  6. General Cycling Discussion
    Olney, Illinois - SKS USA is the presenting sponsor of the 8th annual Worst Day of the Year Ride to be held in Portland, OR on February 15, 2009. The ride, held around the date of Oregon's worst weather ever recorded (in 1933) features an 18-mile urban tour and 40-mile challenge route in one of...
1-6 of 6 Results