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  1. ▪T▪▪▪Mobile▪

    Here's my new ride. I've been on it 3 times now and I just love it! I've never been a really big Giant fan but there's no denying the quality of this frame. I'm coming off a Liteswpeed Tuscany and I can't believe how much lighter/more comfortable this thing is. It fits me better too. I'm getting a n
  2. Good Morning Grand Prix

    San Francisco awakens to the 2004 T-Mobile International Grand Prix from the Ferry Building though North Beach to the Fillmore. Awesome!
  3. Saris Provides Airlift

    The Saris pace car lifts the pack up Fillmore, they'll be here in a moment. At the Grand Prix San Francisco.
  4. Webcor Owns Fillmore

    Photo finish prooves it! Local team Webcor slays up Fillmore, owning the Peleton until Broadway in the Grand Prix San Francisco.
  5. Colovita is Slick!

    Colovita Olive Oil's rider blurs by in the Grand Prix San Francisco.
  6. Drafting Phonak

    Thanks for the ride boys, as Prodir, US Postal, and Webcor catch a draft from Phonak. Broadway Street in San Francisco.
  7. Azevedo from US Postal

    Rider ID Update: This is Jose Azevedo of US Postal at the Grand Prix San Francisco.
  8. Sea Silver Passing Prodir

    Serious energy output on Fillmore Street as Team Sea Silver passes Prodir at the Grand Prix in San Francisco.
  9. Weary Final Warriors

    As the Grand Prix winds down, so do the legs. These weary warriors manage to get to the top of Taylor though.
  10. Sierra Nevada Recovers

    Nor Cal road riders (or mtb riders on road bikes) know how to recover, as Sierra Nevada demonsrates after the Grand Prix in San Francisco.
  11. Crazy attack on Taylor

    Near vertical climb and someone attacks, gutsy! More photos at
1-12 of 12 Results