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    I mean when your kids were born? I was 27 when my oldest came into the world. I didn't feel like an adult then, and I still don't. Maybe I'm not.
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    So I'm looking into redoing my roof, and as I have a south facing roof side that gets unobstructed sun all day and as that side is unobtrusively facing my back yard , I am considering putting up 2.5 KWh worth of panels, mostly because the incentives seem to be there for me here in New Jersey...
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    ok, my Subaru's engine exploded over the weekend and will cost $8,100.00 to fix (cam pully failed and destroyed the engine). the car was bought in 2004 and had 116k on it. it is the longest i've owned a car. it makes no sense to repair it, so, what do i get?
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    And, do you think that it had any impact on you? As Ridgetop already has posted, I had a cycling accident on Friday. Since I have been home, I have had varying reactions to the event. They have ranged from "I don't think you should ever...
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    weighs 5 lbs..
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    I just watched Breaking Away and absolutely loved it. Are there any other movies out there like it?
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    I was not consulted, but I was hit up for cash and since he is a peer in my department I figured I better contribute or be thought of as a cheapskate. Why the hell do people in offices buy collective gifts for each other anymore? Suggested "donation" was $20. I had $10 in my wallet so I told...
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    Whenever I open a can of soda or god forbid cheap canned beer I turn the pop-top 90 degrees out of habit. It helps identify my drink. Anybody else?
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    she tapes final show. fans cry and bawl like adult babies. Truck stop honeys in the audience
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    New VBulletin seems more stable. "New" features don't seem to add a whole lot. Tagging? Rep? Grief is a sneaky sucka' just when you thinks it's gone, it overpowers you. Went out and shot pics this weekend...forgot how much I enjoyed it. Nice reminder. Tired of the rain getting in the way...
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    On another forum I frequent but mainly lurk one of the members is from Joplin, MO and his last post from yesterday evening basically said the tornado was on top of his location. Nobody knows the guy personally or even through Facebook. 24+ hours later no activity on his account. At any rate at...
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    That's pretty cool but... I remember it being a bit of a clusterfvck on another forum that had made it anonymous. Is it visible to us and is it anonymous?
1-15 of 15 Results