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  1. General Cycling Discussion
    Talk about the ultimate Christmas gift for the cyclist in your life. This week, the owners of the Boulder Valley Velodrome announced that the $4.7 million facility is for sale. The track was designed by architect Peter Junek and the facility developed by Doug Emerson, owner of University...
  2. General Cycling Discussion
    The Cinelli Prototype "Laser Nostra" bicycle shown here is a very special limited edition that is going up for sale at a charity auction soon. The bike is signed by Cinelli President and bicycle designer, Antonio Colombo. This bike was ridden to victory by American racer Neil Bezdek at the Red...
  3. General Cycling Discussion
    Mauricio Rebolledo brings to the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show, two of his personal bikes, a track bike and a touring bike, to show off the progression of his skills and style over the years. Classic never goes out of style. [youtube width="640"...
1-3 of 3 Results