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  1. Bikes, Frames and Forks
    I have a 55 Tommasini Carbo Light, I'm looking to add a Colnago C-50. There is a 55cm C50 on ebay and was wondering if the two different bikes could get a simular fit? Thanks Jim
  2. Hot Deals
    Hi! I'm going on holiday to Florida this summer, and I'm considering purchasing a new bike, and at least some bike gear. The rumor has it that the prices in the states are much lower than the prices we have here in Norway. Does anyone here know of any stores in Miami/fort lauderdale area that...
  3. The Doping Forum
    The reality is that the UCI lost total control of the peloton, you had to dope to compete, not just to win. Rather than go after the individuals for doping we should be recognizing the guilty party are the ones who were in charge of this mess. Taking pay-off's just adds insult to injury. They...
  4. General Cycling Discussion
    Oh there is a correlation. I promise. Just not the one you're expecting. It seems that far too many cyclists are horribly unprepared for roadside mechanicals - even flats. I don't expect everyone to be able to true a wheel or repair carbon. I'm talking about adjusting a derailleur or changing...
  5. The Doping Forum
  6. Midwest
    I'm headed to Des Moines for a wedding in late June and was wondering if there are any bike shops downtown that rent. I'm staying at the Marriott at Grand and 7th. Any other relevant info would be great - weather, routes, etc. Thanks in advance.
  7. Pro Cycling - Tour de France
    Amazing result at the Danish tour! IIRC he was a cat 2 last year which makes the result more amazing for some reason. I simply can not fathom the dedication and time these guys devote to the sport. There is no way I could ever do what these guys do.
1-7 of 19 Results