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ttug rant
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    Hey hey hey, I am the first, EVER, to mention a sybian in the Lounge and I have low re p power???????? OH COME ON PEOPLE< COME ON!!!!!
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    My house is on a 1/3 acre lot. Its about amn hour to mow and about hour and half to trim and mow. I share a push mower wih my Father in law. SO, I was mowing in between storms yesterday and looked at my neighbors new "mower". Its a John Deere rider, with fog lights, and again, this is 1/3 of...
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    Hi, you know me, I am the LBS customer who is convinced that once I buy a bike, I own you, your soul and your DNA for eternity. What does this mean, what are examples of this so that we all may learn and grow? Certainly: EXAMPLE 1: Hi, I bought a high end bike from you. It cost over 5...
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    As of this day, I have reached rage, over ANY commkercial about cialis, WHY? NO, the lead in my pencial is just fine, its not that, its the freaking moments they choose as the time when "the need" hits. EVERTHING becomes a sensual invitation: Cleaning a deer carcaus Cleaning fish (no pun)...
1-4 of 4 Results