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  1. Shimano
    Hello, had a problem with my 8050 lever, it just stoped working. I disassembled it and I see the buttons and connector part is one that can be easly changed but cannot find it. These are the numbers in the part: 0E2 PKA0169D Any chance someone knows where to get it?
  2. General Cycling Discussion
    It started when I accidentally forced my rear wheelset in place where the Rear derailleur pulley and chain where also forced in place, because I forgot to put the shifter to the smallest cog. After that my Di2 RD won't shift anymore smaller than the 5th cog, it can shift up to the bigger cogs...
  3. Finished at last

    Kestrel Evoke, Campy shifters, and Front CT derail. Tiso rear derail, Zero G brakes, IRD cassette, Whipperman chain, Fizik saddle, Amercian Classic wheels, Look keo pedals...everything else, Stella Azzurra.
1-3 of 3 Results