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    My wife and I have recently started making many more homemade "staples" of our kitchen. Breads, jellies etc... We cannot find a decent, not-chunky, somewhat traditional marinara sauce. Surely there is a lounger out there (here?) that has a decent recipe... Thanks!
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    There is a post in Frames where a guy is claiming a custom bike builder has ripped him off to the tune of $14,500.....when the builders site indicates a frame is $1,900! Even if you put $5K in for a uber build package with custom are still $7,600 high. That really...
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    So the wife says to me "Did you notice that (the babysitter - name omitted to protect the innocent) is losing weight? She looks good", to which I respond, "what?" Nuff said
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    So about 9 this morning my phone rings, it is my baby girl. She is in Boston this week for a Astro Physics/ Astronomy conference. She is presenting a project representing her university. I asked what was up...nothing....just wanted some company, you got time to talk?....YOU BET. She was walking...
1-5 of 5 Results