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    ...a woman! Who knew?
  2. Bikes, Frames and Forks
    I employed Jalon Hawk (real name Laurence B. Gust) of Desperado Cycles in Deerbrook Wisconsin to create a custom bicycle for me. 22 months and over $14,500 later (yes, I'm an idiot) all I've received are excuses, demands for more money and verbal lashings for being unwilling to pay more for the...
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    I am still puffy from surgery. Do not like. Hell, I'm fluffy anyway, add this bloatyness and :eek: I have resorted to wearing the pull on workout pants I bought when I was doing my marathon training -- no way I could button my jeans right now.
  4. The Lounge
    whilst riding my skateboard yesterday. It got pressed out by a car, and made me a little sad :( I was gonna pick him up and help him across the road until I saw his head squished on the asphalt.
  5. The Lounge
    When I showed up to the Clownje tonight, I was presented with the following greeting: Hello hammer.six, It appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member...
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    I just watched Breaking Away and absolutely loved it. Are there any other movies out there like it?
  7. The Lounge
    So the wife says to me "Did you notice that (the babysitter - name omitted to protect the innocent) is losing weight? She looks good", to which I respond, "what?" Nuff said
  8. The Lounge
    Whenever I open a can of soda or god forbid cheap canned beer I turn the pop-top 90 degrees out of habit. It helps identify my drink. Anybody else?
  9. Racing, Training, Nutrition, Triathlons
    I have been losing weight as am planning on doing an IM as well as just for overall health. At my heaviest i was 199 (am only 5'9 so yeah was a bit chubby). I have gotten down to about 172 over the past year through increased excercise and diet. Currently I seem to be stuck at this weight and...
  10. The Lounge
    My Chrome has decided that "moreon" is really the correct spelling...:idea: That is all...
  11. General Cycling Discussion
    The last time I went out on wet roads I crashed and burned and split open my grape. I don't do it anymore. Not worth the risk. Especially when you don't have health insurance. And I know it's spring in New England, but two weeks of the unrelenting damp and dreary is leading me deeper into a...
  12. General Cycling Discussion
    So I've been scanning these forums and various reviews online for about 6 months now and have narrowed down my choices to a few bikes at various shops near my home. This will be my first "actual" bike purchase and I'd love to hear some advice regarding the following questions: 1) Is it...
  13. General Cycling Discussion
    I'm not sure i get the thought process here... Guys flying by me descending, which is fine, everyone's doing there own thing... but sheit man, many times way to close for comfort ! funny when a group of guys are descending, jocking for the inside line, being very aggressive with there moves...
  14. Scott
    Hi all, Been attracted by a good deal on a new 2011 CR1 Comp, and have the following questions, based on reviews and general reading up done on the brand... Why do Scott have such a limited warranty? It sort of makes me nervous... I have read that the drop outs on this bike are carbon i.e. no...
  15. The Lounge
    That's pretty cool but... I remember it being a bit of a clusterfvck on another forum that had made it anonymous. Is it visible to us and is it anonymous?
  16. The Lounge
    I've lusted after a lot of classic cars, but for some reason I just keep coming back to the 61 Continental. H-O-T-T. joe
1-20 of 24 Results