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not same

sheps58 said:
Is the 05 elite frame the same frame as the pro and the comp.
there was a PDF on Specialized web site which if you read between the lines and looked at the tables it said that different grades of carbon was used for Elite, Comp and Pro Roubaix (and Tarmac) and X-Works was the top. I recall that 2005 Comp and Pro had same frame but just different finish on it in 2005 but Elite was a lower grade and S-Works Roubaix was even higher than Pro/Comp. But for 2006, I have no idea.

I had a 2005 Comp Roubaix and it was a great ride (until it got stolen from my house and they were all sold out so I could not buy another one).

In any case I would not have any reservations recommending either one of carbon Roubaix models, if you want all day comfort and good (IMO) looks.
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