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Once I heard that no one makes a 1x10 road crank, I had to be the first on the block. Turned a 2x Campy crank into a 1x crank. Was able to eliminate the large chain ring, front derailleur, cables, and installed a KMC ti chain. Chain is a lot smaller and shifts perfectly. Used an old chain ring, cut it, ground it down, primed and painted it to match my Campy carbon crank. O.K., I have to admit, I am a weight weenie, but am sure that I have lost some weight off the bike. I know that I am going to get crap from other cyclist, but do not care. I ride mostly hills and have never used my large chain ring. My bike, a Vellum Edge (-16 lbs), is an incredible riding bike, especially compared to those mass produced Specialized or Trek bikes. Now it's even lighter. I am getting lots of looks and positive comments on the bike, even before I changed the gearing.

Vellum Edge
Campy carbon crank
Carbon seat post
Carbon handlebars
Carbon ZIPP 202 wheels
Carbon 3t stem
Campy Ultra Lite carbon/ti components
Ti pedals
Ti skewers
Campy 11x29 cassette
Campy 34 chain ring
KMC chain

Matnlely Dregaend
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I do like my Campy single ring conversion as well.... It's even lighter with a single rear cog!

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