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I just stumbled across this site last week and ordered a dura-ace bottom bracket with ceramic bearings. Fast shipping. The guys seem pretty nice. The BB is really nice. It costs a little more than the stock bb with stock bearings but these new bearings are really smooth and quite a bit more durable. The seals on the bearings are a lot nice than the stock shimano bearings. Won't have to replace these external bearings for a couple years I least I hope so :) I have had to replace the external bearings on my dura ace bottom bracket twice already in the last year or so....grrrr.

Anyway, they gave me a coupon for my next order. The coupon code is SFC01 and is good for 10% off an order of $100 or more. By the way, these guys are offering free shipping and free ceramic bearing upgrades on certain wheelsets and cranksets.
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