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I have a Synapse Alloy 105 (10s) with a HED JET 10s wheelset. I got a CAAD12 Ultegra and upgraded to eTap so the 11s ultegra I used to upgrade my 105 group but still use my 10s wheelset. I can get a conversion kit for my HED but it costs $150 and I need to re-dish the wheel. So scratch this option out. So here's what I did:

[1] Used a 11s hub spacer to accomodate 10s cassette as my first insert.
[2] Used CS-6800 11-28. Removed 11T COG and used a 12T lock ring. You would end up with only 10 usable cogs.
[3] Use ULTEGRA 6800 RD and LEVERS
[4] Use the same clamp-on 6700 FD since the 6800 is a braze on.

I had my reservations if it would work initially but looks good after I set everything up. :thumbsup:

I also tried to used my braze-on FD6800 and got a generic clamp on adapter. For some reason, it didn't work. The shifting was clunky. Maybe I should gotten a Shimano brand instead.

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