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greetings all

I ride compact Ultegra with 50-34 front and 11-28 rear cluster.

My riding buddy prefers to keep his standard 53-39 front rings but he wants the low climbing gear too.
On SRAM there is 11-32 rear cluster which with a 53-39 front gives the same ratio on low 39-32 gear as my compact does on 34-28.

The problem is - my buddy does NOT have SRAM. He has two bikes with standard 53-39 front rings. One is Campagnolo Centaur and one is Shimano Ultegra.

My question is: is there a 11-32 rear cluster/cassette and an accommodating rear derailleur solution for Campagnolo or Shimano in year 2013 ? Some sort of medium-cage rear derailleur perhaps?

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