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I'm changing cranks to a 110bcd setup 36-46t. I found a nice NOS Sugino 34-50, I'll set the rings it came with aside for Summer road riding, and found a deal on a FSA 36t inner with ramps and pins for cross. Finding an outer 46t ring has been a bear though, finding an FSA model to match my inner ring is rare, and the best price doing a search including fleabay is $45- which seems excessive for just a ring. I can find 110bcd Suginos for much less, but they are not ramped/pinned. I have a 8 speed setup, 12-25 cassette. Do I need to care about matching the 2 chainrings -ie finding another FSA or at least a model with ramps/pins? Or will I have a decent shifting system just using a couple of NOS non-ramped rings? Is there that much difference in ramped/non-ramped rings through mud frozen goo and tunnel-vision stupidshifts, especially given my relatively forgiving 8-speed setup, and modest 10-tooth drop between the ring sizes?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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