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First time customers save 15%. Enter coupon code #72479

I recently ordered Hammer Gel from the manufacturer and they gave me some free stuff (listed below). I would assume that any other first time order would get the same freebies to try and get you to order more. The Hammer gel in a jug says $ .69 a serving. You can get it slightly cheaper in some bike shops but with the 15% discount and freebies below it is a very good deal. By using my account code #72479 you'll get 15% off your order and I and I will get 25% credit from your first order. This kind of stinks of MLM but the first time buyer saves money on a great product. Ordering by phone is by far the easiest, especially when using a customer code.


Free stuff they sent me with an order for 1 jug of hammer gel:

Hammer Gel Pouch Chocolate (1 Servin 1
Hammer Gel Pouch Orange (1 Serving) 1
Hammer Gel Pouch Espresso (1 Serving 1
Endurolyte Sample (6 Capsules) 1
HEED Mandarin-Orange (4 Serving Samp 1
KIT: New Customer Packet - MAG, FH

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You can use my customer code instead! I have more post counts and I want the 15% credit!

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