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Several people, in the reply threads to your query, are stating their inseam and cranklength. I've read that crank length should be determined by the 'exseam'. The measure from the tip of the femur to the floor when standing straight and tall. To me, crank length relative to the 'exseam' makes more intuitive sense as the femur head is the pivot point. The inseam goes to the crotch. An important measure for saddle height ... but perhaps not functionally relative as the exseam.

I've also read, in several places, that a good guideline is to use 18% of your 'exseam' for the cranklength.

When using that formula I should be using about a 168.5 crank. I ride with 172.5 and it seems just fine - though I've never tried anything else.

Just something else to chew on regarding cranklength.
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