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Does it look anything like this?

Ignore the modern drivetrain (it's setup as my commuter), but according to the serial # this is a 1979. "Course" can just be seen at the rear end of the top-tube. Has Vitus 172 double butted tubing, which I'm told was similar to Reynolds 531.

When I got it it had Simplex DT shifters and FD, RD had been replaced with an old Superbepro. Rear hub was 6spd Atom, RIGIDA 700C rim, Weinmann sidepulls, Mafac levers, ATAX handlebars. Crankset was labelled Peugeot.

When I got it some years ago and asked around I was told that it was the 2nd ranked Peugeot from the PX-10 era. It has an Amsterdam bike shop sticker on it, so maybe this was a European model?

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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