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finally got around to downloading the pics. The probelm with a 1G memory card is that there is little urgency (for me anyway) to downloading pics. Back to the bike.

Here is my project bike that I came across last fall after a soccer game. Spotted it at a yard sale for $30.00. I wanted it, didn't haggle price, just wanted to see it on the bike rack right away.

I set this bike up for SS. I have a few dedicated fixed gear bikes so I wanted something in between. I opted for setting this up with the 42 front and two cogs on the 7 speed hub. Onc cog is a 16 and the other is a 19. Depending on my route, mainly flats or lots of hills, I can simply move the wheel back or forward for propper chain tension, thanks to those long drop outs.

This bike rides great. As good as off the rack steel gets. If you find a chance to pick up one of the higher end Centurions (later known as Diamond Back) do it. You will not be sorry.

Here are the before pic's

For the full story, jump over to the retro forum and see the 04 vs. 84 post.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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