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"This late 90's Campagnolo Chorus front derailleur is in outstanding condition. It is designed for frames with brazeon mounting and comes with a 31.8 Shimano clamp. Designed to operate on any 7 or 8 speed drive train."

that's the first picture and the description given by the ebay seller

The 2nd picture is a 90 Record or so I was told(one I just got off ebay).

There were a couple other pictures given of the Chorus and I just looked at mine and the pictures and other than the added shimano clamp that the chorus had and where the cable tightens (mine with allen screw, chorus with nut), the 2 looked identical. Not just close but identical.

So did the 90 Record front derailler end up becoming the late 90's Chorus front derailler?

for "fun" I threw in a picture (the 3rd picture)of the Chorus with the Shimano Clamp....who in their right mind would do that? unless campy didn't make that accessory....

Is mine a 90 Record? Is the other a late 90's chorus? I've seen a good amount of campy stuff on ebay misidentified. either way I'm happy with what I got...
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