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Just finished my first fixed gear- my 1986 3Rensho (sanRensho) Athlete. The frame got caught in the rain once... I babied it too much. I just took it on a 27mile test spin to Paoli after a few minor spins. I learned that hills are not the issue: it's big headwinds! OOF!

3-Rensho Athlete/fork (NOT the offset Katana fork) (Rainbow Jersey, Milwaukee)
3-Rensho Cyclone decals (Yellow Jersey, Madison- Athlete decals are ugly!)
Crank- IRO 46
Wheels- IRO 126mm flip/flop 17T fixed and 18Tfreewheel 28 spokes laced to Velocity Aerohead rims(symmetrics) with stock double-butted SS spokes (Thanks Andrew, at Cronometro! Nice wheels!)
Michelin Carbons, Michelin no-threads-on-em! tubes
Brakes are Diacompe Royal Gran Compe 400s with RGC levers
Bars are Nitto, with Cinelli tape, Chain is SRAM PC/58
Candy C pedals work great, you can get by with street shoes on 'em, too.

The colors came out great- red, black and yellow are the most contrast you can find in the color spectrum, and I think they ended up looking great together-- it happened mostly by accident, btw! If I could find a bell that went "Bling Bling" , I'd have to buy it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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