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Last week I showed the bucolic side of China with a trip up the coast through the province's agricultural heartland this week, in the first of two parts, I'm going to share the pictures from a ride we took on Saturday to assess the damage from an explosion last Fiday in China's Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Our ride leader picked a route that spent a lot of time along the shore, not such a great idea given that it was very foggy, a bit cool and the mist smelled like Quaker State SAE40W. I'm calling it "international" because we had one Mexican, one Italian, a Chinese, an Aussie, an Irelander and two Americans including yours truly. The route circumnavigated a peninsula just south of my home and then went out to a pretty famous Chinese beach resort by the name of Jinshitan or Golden Pebble Beach. The photos are all about the oil which was pretty bad, worse in many ways than what I posted this week in the Lounge.

<iframe width='465' height='548' frameborder='0' src=''></iframe>

Here we have the long resort strand. Frisbee players, photographers, spectators, the Army and lots of heavy equipment. The national government told the local government that they had 7 days to clean it all up. The provincial government gave them 5. I think it will take years.

The riding was a bit tough, lots of nasty Chinese hills and we had a real mix of abilities from some who had never ridden more than 40k to one guy on a mountain bike. I think everyone had a decent time despite the grumbling that we always seemed to be going uphill. We had some fun with our Mexican friend whose name happened to be Alberto and whom had made the mistake of wearing a yellow jersey. Dermot and I attacked him on every climb, pulling ourselves inside out while on the rivet and digging deep in our suitcase of courage to put the yellow jersey in a bit of bother.

The rest of the photos were taken when I peeled off from the group (they were headed to a BBQ) and rode along a fancy new promenade built very close to my apartment. It was truly depressing, especially so when I realized that in just seconds I was about to ride down an unexpected staircase. Why they put it there when a ramp would have done, I do not know. But I am always thankful for the fact that I brought a cross bike.

Here are a couple of inlets showing the high tide line as demarcated by the oil. You'd have sworn that someone used masking tape to spray paint it black.

The fishing industry here is enormous and probably the biggest employer. It has given me a sense of what must be happening at home on the Gulf although here I doubt that there are strict enough inspections to stop contaminated food from reaching the restaurants. Especially when there is so much gray market activity. Here are some boats sitting in the oily mist.

And finally, the surface of the sea. It reminded me of the Galileo shots of Jupiter. Only in this case far sadder.

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