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I did the tour de cure ride in reston on Sunday. I love my bike but i have been a little apprehensive about how it would be after 70 miles or so. I just had my BG fit done a month ago and prior to that it felt great sometimes and a little off on others. It actually felt really bad riding into a headwind. I was convinced I needed my bars higher and a little afraid that my bike was too racy for century rides. I love the bike and how solid and responsive it is but I alway had the thought of having to dust off my Cervelo for really long rides.
During my fit I changed my stem, lowered my bars, changed my saddle to one with less padding and made the whole thing further away from an endurance position.

next thing I know Im up at 5am getting ready for a 108 mile ride, with my now even racier bike and I promised to attend a graduation dinner party with my kid from 7-10pm.

long story short, It was awesome. my fit had me in a more efficient position and my bike felt even better than my RS. I was fine all day and at the dinner as well. I didnt even go to sleep until midnight and the day after my legs were not sore the next day. I am still surprised at how good it felt.
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