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went for my first legit ride on my new lemond today. went with 2 guys on the team here who are super experienced (both junoirs, really fast).

It was 35 degrees out, 10-30 mph of wind (never seemed to be at our tail) we did 24.5 miles, faily hilly, nothing crazy. I was able to stay within 100 yards of them untill the last half mile, at which they told me they were gonna sprint back to campus. I was rather tired and just took my time back. I did about 3 miles in the lead though, and it was nice to know i could stick with them. OVerall the bike was rather comfy, still getting used to it, my back hurts and my arm hurst, but thats cause i skied this morning for 3 hours......

now for a shower, and a cold beer.

i think im hooked.
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