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I need some suggestions.

In about 2 months I am doing the MS150. Last year I was strong, riding a bunch and had not problems. This year has been a completely different story. I have not put the time on the saddle to be able to keep up during the team training rides.
I am a bigger person and our training rides have been quite hilly so I am not that worried about getting dropped. (Our MS ride is at the beach so it is flat).

So, how should I train to get the most out of the next two months.

Time if very limited. Work has been demanding and two young children allows me to ride only one longish ride (the training ride) during the week (about 30-40 miles). I have no weekends as I keep the girls. My wife works weekends to keep the smallest one out of day care.

For the past week or so I have been riding my rollers and for the past few days been doing 2 a days for about an hour both sessions. I decided to do this to find some legs and gain a little (very little) base.

Should I stay with this or do something else. I would love to ride outside but I cannot ride after dark where I live and the mornings are almost as crazy (traffic) and ususally have to drive to a starting point when I do get to ride outside.

thanks - I am running out of time
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