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ive never done a tri followed by a road race, but i've now down back to back races 3 weekends running (this weekend I did 1 race sat, 2 sunday!).

It is do-able, but i'm not going to sit here and say how easy it is. You may have to tailor your training for it, esp w/ the tri

some tips ive picked up on from others for back to back racing:
take the 2 days before your first race really easy, 30min-1 hr slow ride, 15mph, flat, slow
make sure you get a really good cool down in after your first race day
get plenty of sleep - over 10 hours (at least thats what I need)
get a good warmup in for race day 2
don't have too great expectations for day 2, unless everyone is racing both days

other helpful things include recovery drinks/products at night, a good hot meal, shower, massage, a laundromat (unless you really like smelly clothes)

good luck
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