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My goal was an average of 10 miles every day for 14 days. My cyclometer says 205 miles. Best I can figure that is between 14 and 15 miles a day. May not seem like much but with church, a full time job, a wife, and kids, I am very pleased. I beat my goal and lost over 5 pounds in proccess. Was not sure how I would take to the road but I have to say I am sorry I waited so long. I wore mountain shorts for 9 years MTBing and swore spandex would never happen. Well...I now have spandex in wardrobe and am not afraid to ware them. Thanks to all for all the help and advice you have given me and even for the handslaps for posting in wrong section. Now my question is this.

How important is a cadence counter for training and fitness in your opinions?

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