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Hi all,

Older former road rider, out of the picture for over twenty years. Getting back into the bicycling scene and wow, things have changed....

My old Mondia is a relic, and components are looking decidedly different.


I have a chance to get a brand new Specialized Allez Pro (2007, red, beautiful) with a couple of sets of nice wheels, (one set Open Pros on Ultegra hubs, and a set of Mavic Aksium)

I am tempted to find some good deals on Shimano Ultegra or Dura Ace 9 speed components, since everyone is jumping on the 10 speed bandwagon. (Heck, 9 rear sprockets is a significant upgrade from the 6 on my old gear...)

What is the general opinion of this frame?

Which way, and from what source should I look for components?

Good reference books to get me up to speed on the new stuff install/maintainence?

BTW, checking out the local Las Vegas bicycle shops have not been at all a great experience. That is the major reason I am not buying a new, complete bicycle. Unless you are dropping $4K on a new carbon bike, you are not "worthy". That is okay by me...

Thanks in advance,

Old guy in Las Vegas

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I'm not a very experienced road rider, but I love my Allez (06/07 Allez Expert)... your frame should be the same one I have or maybe a little better. It definitely climbs right and seems pretty stable flying down hills. But how much are they asking for it?

Make sure it says it is E5 Aerotec and not A1 otherwise somebody's trying to trick you. I'm sure there a ton of lighter bikes (mine weighs in at 18.2 lbs or so) but for me the weight I really need to worry about is still on my body....

There were still high-end Allez set-ups for 2007 but for 2008 the whole line seems downgraded to more recreational... mine came with full Ultegra and everything works so smooth I can't imagine needing better at my level.

Anyway, love the bike but it's the only roadie I've ever put substantial mileage on. I test rode Tarmacs (nice) and an Orbea, didn't get the impression that I needed to spend the extra money on full carbon... and there were a couple reasons I wanted aluminum besides price.
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