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I'm seriously second guessing my decision. I'm 47, 6', 210 lbs, and after extensively test riding the 56 cm versions of these two bikes, I picked the Roubaix Pro. I really wanted to get the Trek because it just looked so cool, and it had Dura Ace everything. The Roubaix Pro won out mainly because it was much more comfortable (i.e., less painful in the neck and shoulders), and it has a nice DA/Ultegra mix.

When I went into the bike shop, I took one look at the Trek, and I "knew" that was the one that I wanted. However, the neck and back discomfort stayed constant from the beginning to the end of the ride. The pain just wasn't there on the Roubaix (which is to be expected since it has a relaxed geometry). I should add that my purpose for cycling is fitness and fun. Also, the bike shop rep was very knowledgable, and he set up each bike correctly for my size prior to the test.

I should just be satisfied since I got a great bike for $700 less than the Madone, but man that Trek was pretty. (I know: you can't buy a bike base on looks alone). I'm wondering if the 58cm version might have alleviated the discomfort?

Why am I even writing this? Just venting, I suppose.
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