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Hey Guys, I have two framesets, an 08' madone 5.5 performance and a 2008 Giant TCR Advanced with ISP. I want to make the decision on which I should keep before cutting the giants seatmast. What do you guys think? Either way it will be built up with a SRAM Red group, 2008 Bonti Race X Lite wheels, Michelin Pro race 3 tires, and Nokon cables. Thanks in advance for the input!

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They are both phenomonal framesets. I am riding the Giant. It would not
be possible to either select between the two with a meaningful gain on
either choice or to obtain by any means known to man a better pair of framsets.
Of course you could trade up to the new 09 TCR Advanced. which is 200gm lighter
and purportedly even stiffer. I suspect you are baiting trolls here....
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