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Please be sure to join cyclist world wide in the 2008 Ride of Silence, giving us the opportunity to honor and remember our family and friends who've been injured or killed by motorist while out enjoying an activity they love, and hopefully to help educate motorists and the public that cyclists have a right to the road and to please Share the Road with us.

240 sites W.W. with the list growing daily. Just had an email from the organizer in/near Barcelona SP, not yet listed.

It's not too late to organize a Ride. As Mentor, I'll support you. Who's riding this year, and where?

A map of MI locations, and a "few" of our neighbors:

Ride of Silence, Board Member, Mentor & Club Communications
Ride of Silence, MI Director, 2005-08 Grand Rapids MI Ride Organizer
"Silence can be Deafening"
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I am riding. Miami, Fl.

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I'm sorry, but the Ride of Silence is something I just don't want to talk about...

...all kidding aside, I'll ride.

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Riding in Miami might just get you on the memorial for the ride of silence. Where is it safe to ride down there? I just finished reading my Bicycling magazine (because it is the only bike mag in 90% of airport news stands plus they have purty pictures) and Miami top 3 most unfriendly bike cities and you know they are the leading bike mag.

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check this sh!t out:

Chase Ends in Overturned Car and Two Sent to Hospital
Chase began after car almost hit cyclists involved in the Ride of Silence
Wednesday, May 21, 2008 - 10:10 PM Updated: 04:24 AM

Cyclists taking part in the Ride of Silence were almost hit by a speeding car on Highway 101 Wednesday evening.

The incident happened after 7:00pm. A Spartanburg County deputy on escort duty for the Ride of Silence took off after the car after it came close to some of the cyclist taking part in the ride.

According to the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office, the short chase reached a high rate of speed, but the deputy broke off the chase.

Soon afterwards, the car involved flipped near I-85 and Highway 101, trapping one of the suspects and ejecting another. Both were transported to Spartanburg Regional, their conditions are unknown at this time.

None of the cyclists were injured. The ride is meant to bring awareness to cyclist safety.

The investigation continues.
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