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Anyone have the dope on this years SSCXWC?

I drove down from Canada with some friends last year to spectate and it was the highlight of the bike year for me. This year I'm living in Australia but I've got a return ticket to burn and thought this would be a great excuse to burn it.

Last years race coincided with the (fantastic) Oregon Handmade Bike Show (now Oregon Manifest) and I've read that this years show organizers "...have revealed that the event will have a strong tie-in with a Cross Crusade event happening the same weekend (there are talks of a possible handmade bikes category)". I'm going to bet that this is the SSCXWC race - Oct 10 - 12.

As the proud owner of a Roger I may even see if I can't get my fat ass into respectable shape for a kick at the can this time around. I drink like a sailor so I should be able to take advantage of the Tequila shortcut - I'll even propose that you get double the time bonus if you do a double shot!
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