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I split my time between two different towns. I travel by air, so taking my road bike with me isn't really practical.

I ride an Orbea Diva currently. I would like to buy a second bike to keep at my other place. I've been shopping around for good deals on framesets and/or bikes. I don't want to spend more than $1500 or so on a frame. At that price I figure I can build it up for around $2500.

I'm looking for a certain geometry. I was looking at 2 yr old but new Look 585 optimum frames. I came across a BH Speedrom with geo that is great for me. It is their "entry level" carbon frame. Is it that much of a step down from the Orbea Diva or Look 585?

I already have good training wheels. I can get a 2009 with Ultegra SL for $1700 (no wheels but the stock ones are horrible) Good deal????

Any other suggestions for long-legged, short torso person such as myself?

Felt Z / ZW....what else? ....besides trek wsd or spec ruby
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