Italian Stallion
Wilier Triestina's Le Roi is a thoroughbred. It was created for the ProTour Lampre squad, and built to satisfy Italian passion for speed and competition.
Every detail of the Le Roi's design was dictated by the needs of a professional cycling team - stiffness at the bottom bracket for accelerating and attacking; stability at the head tube for cornering and sprinting; monocoque, directional carbon fiber for smooth tracking at speed over any road surface. In other words, the Le Roi was made to take whatever a rider can dish out. It was made to go fast in all conditions and circumstances, and like it!

1-Extended Seatstays / "Twin Tubing"
For 2009 the Le Roi benefits from twin tubing where its seatstays meet the seat tube. We have preserved optimal aerodynamics by ensuring a smooth, flowing transition where the seatstays hug the seat tube as they extend around it, and are then joined seamlessly to form the thin-walled, oversized top tube. This has more fully integrated the front and rear triangles, increasing stiffness, stability and strength, while retaining the smooth ride that has helped Alessandro Ballan fly up cobbled Belgian climbs, and float over Paris-Roubaix's worst pavé.

2- Oversized Chainstays & Seatstays
Both seatstays and chainstays are even more oversized for 2009. The increase in tubing dimensions has further strengthened the rear triangle to improve pedaling stability - especially for explosive riding - as well as enhanced drivetrain responsiveness and frame resiliency.

Keeping It Real: Pros Have the Final Say
Lampre riders wouldn't let us change anything else. The tubing is still an optimal combination of the best grade high-modulus, high-strength and high-toughness directional pre-preg carbon fiber. Professional riders don't always know how to communicate what they want in technical terms, but they tell us what they like - a bike that is absolutely surefooted, reliable, comfortable and fast. That's the Le Roi: the model that pros, elite amateurs and our grassroots sponsored teams rely on to get the job done.

For those who like a materials breakdown, here is the Le Roi's carbon pedigree:

60% T-700 SC
25% M 40J high modulus pre-preg
10% T 60 high strength pre-preg
5% Kevlar-49 high toughness pre-preg

Your Partner in Crime
There are numerous reasons we could come up with to compel you to ride this bike. The short of it is that the Le Roi will make you a more confident rider and a more able racer. It will provide comfort when you want to log base miles, and will make you want to go hard when there are intervals or hill repeats on your training plan. Alessandro Ballan has been riding and winning on a Le Roi for three years, typifying the duality of grace and grittiness that makes the Le Roi the ideal performance ride.

And did we mention how money you'll look on a bicycle brand that has brought back the elegant flair of sophisticated Italian design? The 2009 Le Roi is available in Black/Yellow and Team Lampre color options, and in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL & XXL.

Wilier Triestina USA was founded in 2007 as a partnership between Wilier Triestina of Rossano Veneto (near Bassano del Grappa), Italy, and their North American importer, Velo Imports. Like a true Italian business, "Wilier USA" is owned and run by father and son, Angelo and Gianmarco Cilli, themselves Italians. Over the past nine years, Angelo and Gianmarco have sought out and established relationships with elite bicycle retail stores, which have become authorized Wilier dealers. Most years, the Cillis and staff accompany many of their dealers on a trip to Italy for a tour of the Wilier Triestina offices and factory in Rossano, as well as some of the best riding terrain in the world, including many famed Giro climbs. Wilier Triestina is the proud sponsor of the Lampre Pro Tour team of Damiano Cunego and Alessandro Ballan. For more information, visit www.wilier‐