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Hello all,

I'm a new poster to RoadBikeReview, but use the website to research just about everything bike related.

Fairly soon, I will be purchasing a new bike to ride to and from school and also during club rides, centuries, BikeMS, etc. I usually do all of these rides on my Aegis Trident, but I don't want to leave that locked up at school.

I have always wanted a Felt bicycle as they are great looking bikes in my opinion. Also, being a huge Garmin - Slipstream fan, I really liked the team edition color scheme.

I was wondering if anyone knew that there would be a new team edition color-way for 2011?

I thought the 2009 scheme looked top-notch, but the 2010 seems to be lacking I would try to hunt down a 2009 bike, but I'm thinking it may be hard for my size, 50cm.

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