Colnago's C59 Disc made its North American debut at this year's Sea Otter Classic. The C59 Disc is a 2013 model, so what you see displayed here is still in prototype form, including the Formula levers. The C59 will be Colnago's first fully featured front and rear hydraulic disc brake road bike. Colnago claims it will bring a whole new level of performance and safety to their road bike line.

Formula's brake levers, built around Shimano's Di2 drivetrain, looks intriguing. With an elegant shape, it's still a little rough around the edges in it's prototype form. Still, the shape and form is quite impressive for a project that only really took off this past fall. Hidden inside the brake hoods are tiny reservoirs for the hydraulic brakes. Unlike, TRP's Hywire, there is no indication or bulge, making these hoods just as narrow as any other with traditional brakes. Formula says their system, the RR1, should be finalized and in production by the summer. Strictly a Colnago collaboration right now, they should announce an aftermarket version at this year's Eurobike.

The C59 disc will be spec'd with 140mm diameter discs front and rear (we're told a 160mm mounting kit will also be available for heavier riders). The system is easy to service, should it ever need servicing - as the system is essentially closed and there are no cables to replace or wear out. The regular maintenance will only consist of checking the brake pads for wear, and replacing them when needed - which is a simple five minute job.

Key areas of the C59 were redesigned to accommodate the forces and stress introduced by this new braking system. The fork is completely new, Colnago had to heavily reinforce the fork blades and tweak the dropouts to counter the new forces. At the rear of the main frame the chainstays and seatstays have also been reinforced with extra carbon to cope with the increased load. The resulting frameset is compatible with both electronic and mechanical groupsets. With a rear spacing of 135mm most any mountain bike hub can be used on the C59 Disc.

Along with the main chassis changes, Colnago have also designed their own matching wheel system, the Artemis Disc. These wheels feature disc-specific hubs and full carbon composite wheel rims.

The Colnago C59 Disc is scheduled to be available this summer, no price has been set as of this publishing. For more information, check out Colanago at