Diamondback started making a push into the high end road bike segment at last year's Interbike with the introduction of the Podium 7. A sub 900 gram competition ready road racing frame that was designed in collaboration with Keven Quan Studios. The Podium may seem like many other high end frames in it's a carbon fiber monocoque design, but what Quan says separates this frame is the art in which they've used the carbon fiber in specific parts of the frame. By using computer cut plies of carbon fiber in specific orientations, they're able to reduce the amount of carbon used and still tune the bike to perform the way it's intended.

What once would have been a 1000 gram frame, can now be optimized to just 850 grams.

The handmade process is what Diamondback calls their Advanced Monocoque Molding Process (AMMP). Other technologies on the bike include a fork utilizing their Continuous Fiber Technology or CFT. CFT uses the same strain of carbon fiber from the top of the steerer to the dropouts at the end of the fork to maintain a stiff front end and enhancing steering. The frame also features a tapered 1.5" head tube, again for front end torsional stiffness and precise steering. A PressFit 30 oversized bottom bracket shell, compliat stays, and closed circuit cabling round out the other features of the Podium 7 frame.

As a complete bike, the Podium 7 will come in 6 sizes and be offered with Campagnolo's top of the range Super Record. MSRP will be $8500 when the bike finally makes it into dealer showrooms next spring, though, Diamondback was optimistic we may see them towards the end of this year.