The 2014 Bike Lights Shootout is here! The batteries are charged and the lux meter and lumisphere are ready. We've been riding these lights for the last few weeks and the progress in LED technology is dramatic once again.

The three sections of this test are:

1. Tunnel Beam Pattern Shots - Compare all the beam patterns side by side.
2. Integrating Sphere Lumen Measurements - View actual measured Lumens of each light
3. Individual Reviews Below - Click on each light below to read the editorial and user reviews.

httpv:// Video: Best 700 Lumen lights.

The graph above (click to view larger) shows the Manufacturer's Claimed Lumens vs. Measured Lumens by Mtbr in a laboratory. The blue bars are Claimed Lumens and red are Actual Measured Lumens.

httpv:// Video: Best 1200 Lumen lights

Bontrager Ion 700

Price: $100.00
Claimed Lumens: 700
Measured Lumens: 661
Measured output: 68 Mtbr Lux
Installed Weight: 120 grams

It is a tiny light that is manufactured to the highest standards. It is a bright light in a tiny package. It'll fit on your bars, your helmet or in your pocket. At the price of $100, it trumps all of the competition in the 700 Lumen category. Read more...

CatEye Volt 300

Price: $60.00
Claimed Lumens: 300
Measured Lumens: 349
Measured output: 35 Mtbr Lux
Installed Weight: 120 grams

This year, the new light is the Volt 300 for only $60. And the good news is actual output is 349 Lumens in the sphere. So not only is it significantly cheaper but it's much brighter as well. Read more...

Fenix BTR20

Price: $150 approximately
Claimed Lumens: 750
Measured Lumens: 729
Measured output: 73 Mtbr Lux
Installed Weight: 148 grams

The Fenix BTR20 is a nice light with a dual beam pattern coming out of one head. Using special lens optics, they are able to project a wide beam and a focused spot beam at the same time. Read more...

Lezyne Macro Drive

Price: $70.00
Claimed Lumens: 350
Measured Lumens: 307
Measured output: 30 Mtbr Lux
Installed Weight: 93 grams

The Macro Drive is a decent $70 light putting out 307 Lumens against a claimed 350 Lumens. The light output is pretty steady throughout the battery cycle and it lasts two hours in the highest setting. Read more...

Lezyne Micro Drive Rear

Price: $50.00
Claimed Lumens: 70
Measured Lumens: 75
Measured output: 4 Mtbr Lux
Installed Weight: 52 grams

This is a tail light for $50 that puts out about 70 Lumens. It's got good side visibility and can be seen from well over a mile on a clear day. Read more...

Lezyne Mini Drive XL

Price: $75.00
Claimed Lumens: 250
Measured Lumens: 256
Measured output: 23 Mtbr Lux
Installed Weight: 75 grams

This stubby little light from Lezyne is interesting at $75 with 250 Lumens that lasts about an hour. The light has the 'infinite' battery design which is field replaceable if the rider carries spare batteries. Read more...

Lezyne Super Drive XL

Price: $120.00
Claimed Lumens: 575
Measured Lumens: 589
Measured output: 52 Mtbr Lux
Installed Weight: 138 grams

The Super Drive XL is a stubby little LED light that puts out 589 Lumens for $120. It has a nice bar mount, improved from last year and it can be mounted on the bar or the helmet. Read more...

NiteRider Lightning Bug 100 USB

Price: $45.00
Claimed Lumens: 100
Measured Lumens: 122
Measured output: 13 Mtbr Lux
Installed Weight: 40 grams

This is a pretty cool commuter light. It's small, puts out 122 Lumens and it's only $45. It was difficult to achieve a rechargeable light for under $50, but the folks at NiteRider got it sorted out in this 40 gram device. Read more...

NiteRider Lumina 550

Price: $110.00
Claimed Lumens: 550
Measured Lumens: 558
Measured output: 59 Mtbr Lux
Installed Weight: 172 grams

So now comes the the Lumina 700 and the Lumina 550. This expands the Lumina 650 options, as the 550 offers an impressive light at $110. Measured output is at 558 Lumens and run time on high is at 1:30. Read more...

NiteRider Lumina 700

Price: $140.00
Claimed Lumens: 700
Measured Lumens: 692
Measured output: 74 Mtbr Lux
Installed Weight: 172 grams

So now comes the the Lumina 700. It's just a little better than the 650, but it is dialed already and is NiteRider's best selling light of all time, selling about 30,000 units last year. Read more...

NiteRider Lumina Micro 220

Price: $70.00
Claimed Lumens: 220
Measured Lumens: 240
Measured output: 25 Mtbr Lux
Installed Weight: 126 grams

There's the Lumina 550 and next in line is the smaller sibling, the Micro 220. It shares the same chassis design but in a small stubby package. It's a cool light for $70 and it measures at 240 Lumens, so it's a great commuter light. Read more...

Princeton Tec Push

Price: $50.00
Claimed Lumens: 150
Measured Lumens: 212
Measured output: 22 Mtbr Lux
Installed Weight: 115 grams

For $50, Princeton Tec offers a light here that claims 150 Lumens but actually measured higher at 212 Lumens. It also sports great side lighting with a nice red strip of light on each side. Read more...

Serfas True 350

Price: $120.00
Claimed Lumens: 350
Measured Lumens: 420
Measured output: 39 Mtbr Lux
Installed Weight: 235 grams

The top dog in this series is the the True 750 for $160 but the sibling, the True 350 can be had for $120. The other advantage besides fitting it in the budget is the run time increases to the coveted 2-hour mode in the highest setting. Read more...<a>

<a href="">Serfas True 550

Price: $140.00
Claimed Lumens: 550
Measured Lumens: 577
Measured output: 55 Mtbr Lux
Installed Weight: 235 grams

Instead of sticking with the light chassis from last year, Serfas stepped it up with a brand new, more robust chassis this year. The new one seems bigger with more cooling fins. It has air ports in front near the lens that serve to funnel air through the heat sink and cool the light down at speed. Read more...

Xeccon Geinea I

Price: $148.00
Claimed Lumens: 650
Measured Lumens: 617
Measured output: 61 Mtbr Lux
Installed Weight: 457 grams

The Xeccon Geinea is a 650 Lumen light with a tail light included in the system. A remote switch is included to control both front and tail lights. Read more...

Xeccon Spiker 1210

Price: $145.00
Claimed Lumens: 1600
Measured Lumens: 1260
Measured output: 120 Mtbr Lux
Installed Weight: 508 grams

The Xeccon Spiker is a light with 4 LEDs and a big hard cased battery. The beam is big and bright and it is best used as a bar light to project a wide beam pattern. A spot helmet light would complement this light nicely. Read more...

The Measured Lumen Per Dollar Graph (click to view larger) shows the brightest lights for the money.

The Measured Lumen Per Gram Graph (click to view larger) shows the brightest lights for the weight. Note that run times may vary but all tested are in the 1:30 to 2:30 hour range.

Lumen measuring process video using an integrating sphere with Chris McCaslin.

Visit Mtbr's 2014 Bike Lights Shootout.

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