If you have kids on your holiday shopping list, there's no reason not to add a bike or bike-related gear to all the toys, games and clothes that they will be receiving this year. We have gathered this list of interesting and new bikes and accessories that you may not have heard of yet.


Chalktrail colorful fun

For something a bit different, check out this little doodad called the "Chalktrail". Just like its name implies, the Chalktrail attaches to your child's bike and drags chalk behind them so they can create colorful works of art in the driveway. $19.95

Lazer Max kid's helmet

Lazer Max kid's helmet

From Lazer Sport is the Max helmet for kids. This helmet comes in multiple graphics and offers great protection at a bargain price. Build quality and durability is awesome, my son has been using his for a couple of years now and loves his "sharkie" helmet. $30

Louis Garneau - kid's jerseys

Louis Garneau kid's cycling jerseys

If you DO prefer a tighter, more aerodynamic fit for road riding with your kids, take a look at these two kid's cycling jerseys from Louis Garneau. The boy's model is the Airplane and the girl's model is the Tinkerbell.Both offer moisture wicking, sun protection and nice air flow with a look that will appeal to the young cyclists. $44.99 (Airplane) and $26.99 (Tinkerbell)

Zoic - CT Jr. Tech Tee and Zoe jersey

Zoic CT Jr. Tech Tee and Zoe Jersey

From Zoic is the mountain bike specific CT Jr. Tech Tee for boys and Zoe Jersey for girls. If your kids hate tight fitting lycra as much as you do, Zoic offers nice fitting options that look great and are comfortable as well. $35

Felt - F24

Felt F24 kid's road bike

For the road cycling enthusiast, the Felt Bikes F24 is a serious kid's road bike. It has a 6061 aluminum frame and a carbon fork. Like the name implies, the wheel size is 24" and it is available in two colors (Satin Black with Red and Blue (shown) and Matte Black with White and Green). Felt also makes a cyclocross-specific version called the F24X for the same price. $799

Culprit Bikes - Junior One Di2

Culprit Bikes Junior One Di2

If you seek to get the latest technology on your kid's road bike, take a look at the Culprit Junior One, a Shimano Di2 equipped road bike available with 20" or 650b wheels. Designed for the growing junior racer who is serious about racing, this bike offers plenty of performance. The Culprit Junior One is available now and the Di2 version will be available next Spring. $2300

Yuba - Flip Flop

Yuba Bikes - Flip Flop balance cargo bike

Yuba Bikes has a cool balance bike called the Flip Flop that is designed to change as your child grows and thus adds to the usable lifespan of the bike. Like its name implies, the Flip Flop uses a one-piece main frame that's curved downward for clearance, but can be flipped over for a taller, upward curve when the little biker gets older, stretching out the reach and raising the seat tube height. In addition to changing in size, the Flip Flop also has a cool, little cargo rack in the back so they can carry their own goodies and toys (just be sure to strap them down securely and make sure it's not too heavy). $160

Wishbone Design - 3 in 1 balance bike

Wishbone Design 3 in 1 balance bike

The Wishbone 3 in 1 balance bike is something we first saw at Eurobike this past year. Like the Yuba Flip Flop, the Wishbone is a balance bike that flips over when the child gets bigger. But, the Wishbone also adds a tricycle mode, so you can get this for kids who are even younger. The bike is made from wood and has options for personalized nameplates or color/graphic upgrades (+$20 from the base price). The wood is birch and the rubber tires are 12". $229

Cleary Bikes - Owl

Cleary Bikes Owl

We did a full review of the Cleary Bikes 20" Owl mountain bike a few weeks back and it remains a solid choice for those looking to get a lightweight mountain bike for their young one. Cleary also makes bikes with 12" and 16" wheels. $325

Specialized - Fatboy Junior 20

Specialized Fatboy Junior

Fatbikes are all the rage these days and kid's don't have to miss out. The Specialized Fatboy Junior comes in both 20" and 24" wheeled versions and offers light weight (for a fatbike) and durability with their A1 premium aluminum frame. The Specialized Fatboy 24 and Fatboy 20 have hydraulic disc brakes and 1x9 drivetrains. Sure, Mongoose makes a kid's fatbike too at about a fifth the price of this one but you want lightweight and durability on YOUR mountain bikes, don't your kids deserve the same? $1000

Trailcraft - Pineridge 24

Trailcraft Pineridge 24

The Trailcraft Pineridge 24 is an offering from a brand new company based in Colorado that offers a real mountain bike for bigger kids with an aluminum frame, disc brakes, suspension fork, 24" wheels and a weight of 22 pounds (about 20% less than other options on the market). Trailcraft also makes a sick looking Titanium version of the Pineridge that you should check out. $1699